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SearchMaster (Latest software version)
The Time Machine for Professional Wordsmiths
Lightning-Quick Research, Index Magic, and Earn CEUs!


Over 2 million attorneys, 1.8 million doctors and dentists, hospitals and clinics, over 6.5 million street names, over 400,000 cities of the US and the world, over 275,000 medical terminology references, over 30,000 case-sensitive drug names, computer terminology, cars and trucks, etc., etc. Over 250 multiple-wildcard-searchable glossaries covering the topics you look up the most often! More than 17.5 million references in all -- and growing!

SearchMaster, which installs to your hard drive and has built-in movie tutorials that show you how to use SearchMaster's incredible time-saving features, even allows you to earn up to six hours' worth of NCRA- and NVRA-endorsed CEUs by taking the built-in CEU tests.

SearchMaster is the only research system and transcript manager designed exclusively for court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders, thousands of whom, in all 50 states, use SearchMaster every single day in the preparation of their transcripts.


The Revolutionary SearchMaster Career Index!

Enjoy instant wildcard-searchable access to every word and proper noun in all of your transcripts. In SearchMaster, save an ASCII copy of every transcript you produce, and you can then create a Career index, which is to say that you will be able to click a button and create a multiple-wildcard-searchable index of every word and every proper noun in all of those transcripts and find what you're looking for in two seconds flat!

The Amazing Titles & Proper Nouns Index!

Unlike other indexing software, SearchMaster's Titles & Proper Nouns indexing feature places all multiple-word proper nouns on lines by themselves, like this:

               Alice Marie Benson-Smith
               Bruce Baxter
               Hewlett-Packard Corporation
               Insurance Company of the Southeastern States
               James Richard Parker Jr.
               James Timothy Johnson
               Jerome Stanley Corporation of America

Use SearchMaster's Titles & Proper Nouns indexes to ensure proper spellings throughout litigation or CART/captioning assignments by instantly creating up-to-the-minute word lists from multiple transcripts. This is an incredibly powerful tool for office managers! Before your reporter heads out to take a deposition in a case in which your office has already produced transcripts, give that reporter a Titles & Proper Nouns index of all the transcripts that have already been produced, and the proper noun spellings in future transcripts will be consistent with the spellings in the previous transcripts!

Proofreaders and scopists, in order to ensure that you don't have, for example, Steven Brown and Stephen Brown in the same transcript, create a Titles & Proper Nouns index before sending the transcript back to the reporter! That way, you'll catch and correct that error for your reporter client; and your reputation as a top-notch professional won't take a needless (and possibly expensive) beating!

SearchMaster's Comprehensive Index!

The same as a Titles & Proper Nouns index, but it includes lowercase words as well as uppercase words and names.

Conquer the Realtime Fear Factor with SM's Incredible Occurrences Index!

Instead of flipping through endless pages of previous transcripts and/or documents in a frenzied search for the words and names that you want to create briefs for ahead of time, let SearchMaster do that work for you! In seconds, you can create a list of either all words or just uppercase words, sorted in occurrence order, which is to say that the index will show you which references came up the most often, in numerical order. Bingo! You will then know, in advance, which  briefs to put into your job dictionary ahead of time. Fear factor vanquished!

The Most Powerful Time-Saver for Court Reporting Professionals
Since the Invention of computer-assisted-transcript software:


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