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Microphones & Accessories: Multi-Microphone Systems

ProESPmulti2 PRO MULTI-TRACK Microphone System


NEW! Professional 4 channel Multi-Track USB interface with 4 microphones for Court Reporters,.

This interface is has all of the bells and whistles! With this bundle, you can connect up to 4 microphones, monitor what the microphones are picking up through headphones plugged into the interface, and record from all microphones on 4 separate tracks in Eclipse. Other CAT programs sends a summed (mixed) audio output to the computer - the 4 microphones are mixed together to one channel.The headphone monitoring is powerful and adjustable. You can adjust the level or mute any microphone on the interface.

There are four XLR microphone input jacks on the interface. Each jack will handle one microphone. Each jack provides "phantom power" needed to power most professional microphones. Setup is simple - load the supplied driver on your computer and connect the USB cable to your computer. Cat systems, other than Eclipse, require an analog cable and USB Adapter which you may select upon checkout for $69.95. The additional cable needed for other CAT programs sends a summed (mixed) audio output to the computer - the 4 microphones are mixed together to one channel.

Powered by USB port - NO BATTERIES

multimicsystem Multi Microphone System


This Multi Microphone System includes 4 Ultra-High Sensitivity Boundary Microphones, Splitter, USB Digital Sound card, and Cable Connector. Each microphone has a premium double shielded 10 foot cable.

Spread the microphones around the room or table to evenly pickup sounds from 4 areas. Single track recording for all software except Eclipse.

USB soundcard includes:
• advanced noise filtering
• echo cancellation
• headphone amplifier for real-time audio monitoring

Powered by USB port - NO BATTERIES

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